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Monday, December 14, 2009

Its time for CHARITY !!

Mari membeli sambil menderma ..yeay :)

RM1 from every purchase made in December 2009
will be donate to
United Nations Children's Fund

(picture credit to http://somersault67.blogspot.com)

What your donation can provide ?

RM 1 = 1 vaccine dose to immunise a child against polio.

RM 12 = 1 thick blanket to protect children during emergencies.

RM 50 = 2 long-lasting mosquitoe nets to protect children from malaria.

RM 400 = 700 doses of measles vaccine for children.

RM 800 = 1 "School-in-the-Box" for 80 children to continue schooling.

RM 4,000 = 5-year supply of paediatric HIV drugs (capsules) for one child.

" Make ur pledge today to help the children of Malaysia survive and thrive."

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